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Sydney University Italian Society

Welcome to the Sydney University Italian Society, otherwise known as ‘CUI’ (Circolo Universitario Italiano). Since our establishment in 2008, we have aimed to connect Italians and non-Italians alike through engaging events involving food, culture, arts and language! Our largest audience are in fact students who don’t have any Italian background but simply LOVE everything about Italy! We’ve got regular bake sales on campus and dinner and aperitivo nights to satisfy those taste buds! We hold trivia nights and Italian film screenings and regularly play the famous card game ‘Scorpa’. Our social media pages are constantly updated with the latest popular culture and news to come out of Italy! We love incorporating Italian language in many events and social media posts and we dedicate a weekly ‘Caffè e conversazione’ session where, along with a free coffee, we chat either in Italian or English about all things Italy related! This can be a great opportunity to practice your Italian and learn new words as well or even meet new friends! All are welcome in this ever-growing ‘grande famiglia’ (big family), including you! Check out our social media pages to get a taste of all the action and fun we offer!

Members get discounts to events, free food/drinks and the opportunity to share in the incredible culture with other passionate Italian enthusiasts.

We have weekly Caffè e Conversazione, attend public events like Ferragosto and host bi-annual Aperitivo Nights filled with pizza and free-flowing Aperol Spritzes.

We have partnered with the Italian Studies department at USYD, istituto di cultura italiana and ALTO, expanding our network to all who cherish Italian culture.