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Hip Hop Appreciation Society

Are you looking for a community of like-minded hip hop fans to chat and debate with? Are you a rapper or producer looking to link up with other artists? Or are you just a first-year uni student who wants a group to hang out with and make friends? Either way, SUHHAS is the perfect society for you! We are dedicated to creating and listening to hip hop music—it doesn’t matter if you are an oldhead or if you’re into the Soundcloud scene, we welcome everyone! SUHHAS is a very young society with a small, friendly and involved exec team—nevertheless, we’ve had a lot of growth and members since then! It all started in 2016, with a post on USyd Rants asking if there were any societies dedicated to hip hop. Four years on and we have experienced amazing growth and have built up a great community. If you are looking for a fun, relaxed environment full of passionate people, SUHHAS is the society to join!

We host regular events (food often provided!). We also link up musicians with each other, and have had several artists on Soundcloud and Spotify!

We have weekly online meetings where we show each other music. We’ll eventually get back to physical meetings with free food for members!

Dates for our regular meetings will be published on the page; so will our FB group! Message the page for group chat/ FB group/discord link!