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Greek Society

Γειά σας, we’re the Sydney University Greek Society! Established in 1958, we are proud to be the oldest university Greek society in Australia. Each year we attract many young Greek-Australians to our club with our numerous (and very fun) social and cultural events. By no means though do you have to be Greek to join us – anyone can appreciate great Greek food and our rich culture! Our society strives to foster and maintain Greek culture on campus and in the community, as well as supporting and promoting the study of the Greek language as an academic endeavour. With over 200 members, you will meet a vast array of people with similar interests, and create long-lasting friendships. You can also look forward to collaborations with other universities’ Greek societies as part of the Combined Universities Greek Association.

Join us to get discounts on souvlaki wraps and cheap tickets to our social events! You will also make an amazing group of friends.

1. Taste of Greece Taverna Night

2. CUGA Cruise

3. Paradise

4. Famous SUGS BBQs

5. Greek Movie Nights

We hold a weekly Kafenio event at a cafe on campus and stay active in the community.