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Goon Appreciation Society

When one thinks of University, one should think of good times, late nights, and bright lights. Goon Appreciation Society aims to deliver these experiences, whilst also delivering a unique take on alcohol prevention through an engaging and hands-on educational experience. Just as the swallow is the herald of Spring, so too shall we–with the help of you–be the herald of Usyd’s glorious future. This is the start of an era ladies and gentlemen. This is the start of GAS. #gasmeupbaby

The USU encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol at club events both on and off the campuses of the University of Sydney. USU aims to encourage individuals to make an informed and responsible choice as to the level of their alcohol consumption

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you stop the microwave one second before it beeps? That’s what being part of GAS feels like.

Candles, Casks and Canvases (like Cork and Canvas, but better); Goon between Two (a refreshing way to find love); and (hopefully) a Goon winery tour.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with all our events, including our weekly catch-ups!

Goon Appreciation Society
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