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Film Society

Sydney University Film Society is one of the oldest and most consistent societies on campus. Originally founded in 1947, the society has been instrumental in preserving film stock, and keeping cinema alive in Sydney. Today it is the premier place to watch quality cinema on campus. Each week we screen a film hand selected by our executive that spans all eras, genres and styles of cinema. If you love movies there is no better place to go, with over 26 free films a year, including free pizza and soft drink. Yet all those With over 300 members, Filmsoc is also a great place to meet like minded filmmakers. Each year we host a short film contest, to give you the great opportunity to screen your films on campus, and display your filmmaking genius. This society is perfect for all film lovers, from the most ardent cinephiles to the most casual of movie watchers.

Perks Include: Taking part in free weekly film screenings, with free pizza and soft drink provided, and getting the opportunity to receive discount movie tickets.

Each semester we have a Trivia event, which is a great opportunity to win free drinks and other film related prizes.

We regularly meet up after every film screening, to hang out talk about cinema and all manner of fun things.