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Fashion Revolution

Here at the USYD Fashion Revolution Society, we’re all about bringing together people with a shared interest in making their wardrobes more sustainable who want to learn about the impacts of the fashion industry. We love experimenting with clothes but believe doing so shouldn’t be at the expense of people or the planet. We host a wide range of events, from catch up drinks to film screenings as well as events for the more creative types such as clothes swaps and screen printing days where we get to give preloved clothes a second chance. Overall, we’re a supportive and inclusive community that encourages our members to continue learning how to engage with the passion for fashion while keeping an eye out for the environment and society. Be sure to sign up and follow us on social media to stay up to date on all our upcoming events!

Find out about our upcoming events first and engage with like minded people!

Reduce your environmental impact while satisfying the shopaholic within at our clothes swaps and screen printing events!

We catch up monthly and are proud to be affiliated with ActionAid Australia and The Social Outfit with whom we collaborate on events and campaigns.

Fashion Revolution
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