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Sydney University Experience Designers

Established in 2017, the Sydney University Experience Design Society (SUEDE) is a student community passionate about all things creative. Or rather the things you don’t necessarily notice in your everyday lives. For example,

  • 🛑 NSW road signs and their remarkable visibility from every angle
  • 🥤 Water bottles thoughtfully tailored to the natural contours and grip of our hands
  • 📱 How effortless it is to navigate through Spotify thanks to its simple user interface
  • 😉 The beautifully designed USU website

We love the thoughtful design of the everyday interactions, services, and experiences we’ve lived.

SUEDE aims to bridge the gap between a theory-based education and practical industry-based learning. In our pursuit, we not only equip students with the necessary tools for professional success but also cultivate a vibrant community centered around the ethos of design.

We are designers through and through 💜

We facilitate the community by:

  • Working with industry leaders (such as Atlassian and Deloitte Digital) and graduate partners to provide fantastic industry events such as our signature Portfolio Parties, workshops, speed networking, industry panels, and inter-society collaborative events.
  • Forming connections not only with one another, but also directly with leading industry partners in Sydney, who we are always on the lookout for.
  • Holding fun social events from small-scale events, such as movie nights, pizza parties, paint and sip to met galas—we are at the heart of a tight-knit, design centred community.

For more information about past events, blogs, etc., please have a look on our website or socials!