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Evangelical Union

The EU is a group of over 800 students who meet together/online each week to: ⁃ learn about Jesus Christ; ⁃ present Jesus to the rest of the university; ⁃ encourage each other to devote all areas of their lives to Jesus; and ⁃ help each other to prepare for a lifetime of serving Him. We have done these things for over 90 years! We do them because we know about the amazing things God has done in and through Jesus, and desire for everyone to know these things, and to live them out. Importantly, the EU is a loving and welcoming community. When you join the EU, you will find that it quickly becomes a second family or a home away from home. Many of the friendships you form over coffee, reading the bible, and praying, will last a lifetime. We know that completing university, investigating who Jesus is, and living for Jesus isn’t always easy, so we make the effort to ensure you are loved and supported through these things. So, if you follow Jesus or are interested in investigating who He is, come and join us! It will be the best decision you will make at university.

You are welcome to our launch day event on Friday February 16th. Please find more details here:

University is the best time to look into who Jesus is and grow your relationship with Him. Join us to make the most of this!

There’s lots of ways you can get involved! We run weekly small group bible studies, bible talks, training, and more, including our renowned Annual Conference.

Joining the EU is like joining a loving family. You will be surprised at how many deep and rewarding friendships you form through getting involved!

Evangelical Union
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