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Engineering Revue Society

Every year, the Engineers come out to play.

The Engineering Revue presents the good, the bad and the Civil Engineers that have graced PNR with their presence throughout the year and pokes light hearted fun at all the drama that has occurred.

So who we? Only the best Revue on campus that’s who! The Engineering Revue is a fun, laid back group.
We don’t perform at the Seymore center like everyone else, and we don’t have epic and intense rehearsal schedules either.

Instead we put on a one night only Performance containing an awesome band, ridiculous sketches, varying degrees of talent, a twitter feed of heckling and all at Manning Bar (there might be some classic engineering based comedy thrown in there too.)

We are all about making a show that’s fun and social. As a result this years Exec are organizing, along with our performance in semester 2, lots of fantastic socializing opportunities up until then. These hope to include, but not limited to writing and testing workshops, some rehearsals and maybe even a talent show. If you are into performing, think you are funny, or just desperately want an opportunity to get up on stage, then we are the perfect group for you! No previous experience required, you don’t even have to be an engineer (especially if last years cast is anything to go by) you just have to have a willingness to get involved, make some new mates and love engineering puns.

Join us and be a part of something magical! xxx

Engineering Revue Society
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