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EconSoc (The Sydney University Economics Society)

The Sydney University Economics Society (EconSoc) is the University of Sydney's leading society for students interested in economics and econometrics. Our mission is to help students reach their full potential, inspire their sense of curiosity and challenge themselves to succeed at university and beyond, in a supportive and vibrant community.

EconSoc provides careers, social, networking and educational events to create a thriving community of economics enthusiasts. We provide value to students by facilitating interaction, communication and meaningful conversations with both each other and prospective employers. We also aim to enrich students with a hands-on approach to real-world economics and enhance their understanding beyond the classroom. We are constantly working to cultivate a thriving and close-knit community of ambitious and passionate individuals across our cohort and beyond.

Private industry and public industry networking events, back-to-sem drinks, speaker events, panels, trivia nights, case competitions, inter-varsity and interfaculty pub crawls and workshops are all on offer at EconSoc.

Visit our socials for more information on future events!

EconSoc (The Sydney University Economics Society)
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