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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Welcome to the USYD DOES Society! We are a group of people interested in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – whether you’re looking to complete it, have completed it, or just want to find out more. The Duke of Ed Award is a structured youth development program that runs outside of formal education and aims to encourage its participants to involve themselves in diverse, challenging activities like adventurous journeys, skills and physical activity. Although only a few years old, the society is passionate about the benefits that the award can give everyone and want to create the opportunity for all eligible students to participate! We also provide a platform for those interested in the program to network and gather in an environment of like-minded individuals. Feel free to get in touch through our Facebook page, or send us an email whether you want to find out more, or complete your Bronze, Silver, Gold, or just come along to our events for fun!

You will receive fantastic information about the benefits of the award, and we are always keen to meet and chat to anyone who is interested!

We’ve always got fantastic bushwalks and events coming up to give you a taste of what adventurous journeys, and the society, can be like!

Our fortnightly day walks and online events give you a fantastic opportunity to meet other members, exchange ideas and gain some insight into the award.

Upcoming Events


The Duke of Edinburgh Award AGM

16 Jun to

Upcoming Events


The Duke of Edinburgh Award AGM

16 Jun to
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