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Designers’ Association

If you are enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning then welcome to SUDA… you’re already a part of the family! Established in 2003, the Sydney University Designer’s Association is your student networking platform. We promote student advocacy within the faculty, and host a range of social events to connect you with fellow students, your affable professors, practicing architects and designers. SUDA is faculty endorsed and has no membership fee. Our events are largely held in the Wilkinson Building and can be found in our Facebook group with over 2000 members. + Follow our Insta to stay in the loop!

this is the sexiest club and faculty society at the university, as well as in existence… I mean come on… architects? design students? the drip n fits? it’s too much for the engineers to handle…

Free ‘Designer Drinks’, BBQs @ Wilko, academic support, industry talks, design competitions (with $$), semester parties + End of Year Ball!

Designers’ Association
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: Free