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Conservatorium Students’ Association

Founded in 1919, the Conservatorium Students’ Association (CSA) is the student union by and for students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; it’s the main body dedicated to student culture and representation at the Con, with our Executive Committee dedicated to running events, and the Representative Council made up of identity officers and representatives from each programme.

The CSA also has a number of affiliated ensembles, such as the Sydney Concert Orchestra and Concordia Ensemble – these are groups that we support and think students would benefit in joining.

Alongside creating and supporting the student culture of the Con, the CSA is the main line of contact between students and staff at the Conservatorium. All students at the Con are automatically represented by us, but becoming a member means you get the benefits of knowing about events first, can get cheaper tickets to events, and helps us help you.

We run both social and wellbeing activities, ranging from the annual Con Ball at the end of the year, to the Musical Speaker Nights.

The Con is made up of an incredibly diverse group of students from all sorts of communities and of all types of identities. We organise regular community picnics and other gatherings for specific groups (queer, women, first nations, etc.), alongside more general band nights and concerts.

Conservatorium Students’ Association
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