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Chinese Network Association

Welcome to the Chinese Network Association (CNA), an exclusive society dedicated to redefining the networking experience for Chinese students at the University of Sydney (USYD) and in Australia.

Unique Approach with Multi-Channel Networks:
CNA stands out with an innovative approach based on multi-channel networks, highlighting our distinctiveness. We deeply understand the challenges Chinese international students face in terms of limited networking opportunities, especially in making friends, adapting to new environments, and building professional relationships. We extend the concept of traditional networking into a more comprehensive realm.

Empowering Influence and Expression:
We try to empower our members to evolve into influential opinion leaders, fostering personal expression, friendships, and a broader sphere of influence. We try to ignite an adventurous spirit among members, encouraging them to promote traditional Chinese culture, enjoy rich Australian culture and stay updated with the latest USYD happenings.

Networking Beyond Boundaries:
Membership in CNA presents a gateway to numerous networking events where students can forge meaningful connections, exchange experiences, and gain invaluable insights into their career trajectories, academic aspirations, and lifestyle preferences. Our diverse events not only enhance personal and professional growth but also equip members with skills necessary to navigate complex multi-channel networks.

Experiences Beyond Networking:
CNA doesn’t just offer networking events; it provides a platform for unforgettable experiences. From attraction and food-seeking activities to leisure getaways, our members enjoy enriching encounters. Furthermore, exclusive freebies and deals enhance the overall journey, enabling members to make the most of their time in Sydney.

Connecting to Global Perspectives:
But our mission doesn’t stop there. CNA curates a wealth of information, including details about prestigious events such as the China World Youth Summit and Huaxia Journey. Through these international summits, we provide avenues for members to broaden their horizons, interact with exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds, and enhance their academic and personal experiences.

Join Us, Redefine Connections:
Join the Chinese Network Association today and embark on a transformative journey. We’re dedicated to fostering multi-channel connections that empower, encouraging an adventurous spirit that enriches, and curating experiences that inspire. Let’s redefine networking together.

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