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Car Club

It all started with an idea. And from that idea, came a movement. Our mission was simple: to establish a platform that allowed car enthusiasts across the university to share their automotive pride and joy. Originally founded in 1958, Sydney University Car Club is the official car society of the University of Sydney. Keeping to our roots, we sought to cultivate an automotive culture that emanated respect, camaraderie and inclusiveness. Cars, culture, and the joint enthusiasm of our members is what we’re about. From our social drives and meets to events such as go-karting and collaborations with other universities, we are a club that constantly grows and evolves around our collective passion for cars. Join us to celebrate the culture of cars, explore unique experiences and form bonds with like-minded people.

Discounted merchandise, opportunities to meet like-minded automotive enthusiasts, and access to all of our awesome sponsors!

During non-COVID times we would regularly host car meets, go-karting events, scenic drives/cruises and BBQ’s days.

Sydney University Car Club is proudly sponsored by several awesome organizations – check them out on our website!

Car Club
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