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SUBAA (Business Analytics Association)

Sydney University Business Analytics Association (SUBAA) is the official society for the Business Analytics discipline of the University of Sydney. Our goal is to develop student’s interest in the business analytics major and industry. We work closely with the BA (QBUS) faculty and aim to make the USYD learning experience better for 600+ student members.

The events that we host are designed to boost and develop our member’s professional and social experience during University. SUBAA is highly experienced in hosting professional learning workshops (coding) and engaging renowned speakers in industry-related fields to give talks on topics related to Business Analytics.

At our annual Networking Cocktail Night, SUBAA invites industry professionals who share their invaluable insights and experiences from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of applying Business Analytics in the real world, as well as receiving strategic advice from the friendly panellists. SUBAA is a great community for QBUS students or anyone who’s interested in BA-related field.

Our free membership includes entries to society events, subscription to our e-newsletters with exciting updates and careers information, as well as networking and peer-support opportunities.

Our Flagship Annual Networking Cocktail Night, Case Competitions (most recently with IBM), skill workshops, semester-ly Welcome Drinks events and more are not to be missed!

Find us on campus during our offline events, virtually during online events, and through our interactive social media initiatives!

SUBAA (Business Analytics Association)
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