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Book Society

Do you love reading? Because if you do, BookSoc might just be the club and home for you to meet other fellow BookLovers, who you can finally express your love to for this or that book/author/genre, in an actual two or many-sided conversation.

We hold monthly book club discussions, and by using Facebook polling, you will be able to have a say in choosing which novel you’d like to discuss for the month! It doesn’t matter if you do Commerce or Arts, we welcome bookworms, belle-lettrists and bibliophiles of any description as long as they have an interest in sharing and discussing books!

From Dostoevsky and Woolf to Pynchon and Foster Wallace, from classic literature to young adult escapist novels, BookSoc offers no shortage of what we can talk about over snacks and drinks!

Be sure to join us so you can share your love of the written language with lots of like-minded people! We hope you will read along with us every month and we look forward to hearing your spicy opinions!

With a dedicated Facebook Discussion page, BookSoc focuses on providing a safe and inclusive space for members to share any and all book related thoughts.

Aside from our monthly discussions, other exciting events to come are visits to book cafes, exclusive access to book related events and end of semester trivia nights!

A 24/7 discussion page, monthly discussions (both online and in person), and exciting opportunities such as book cafes, BookSoc provides plenty of moments to potentially bond with fellow BookLovers.