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Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience

Founded in 2005 by Indigenous student Jack Manning Bancroft at the University of Sydney, AIME is an organisation based on the goal to eradicate educational inequality. This society builds on Jack’s work, wherein it is a network of mentors and university students trying to bridge the educational gap by going to high schools and helping marginalised youth. We particularly assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students on a weekly or fortnightly basis through academic help combined with fun ways of learning, and as we expand – we hope to help even more students from a range of backgrounds.

Although only becoming an official society in 2021, AIME has had over 10 000 University students as mentors (in 52 countries) and has helped over 25 000 Indigenous students reach educational parity and excellence. One of our core principles is “No Shame at AIME” as we encourage both mentees and mentors to get out of their comfort zones and we accept mentors from all walks of life in hopes to create a fairer world.

– You can become an AIME mentor and get a free AIME T-shirt / Hoodie
– Get access to any social events we have within AIME, including the ability to help execute our pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} at the end of the year (a fun and interactive day for all the high school students we work with, held at USYD)
– Be a part of a group of dedicated mentors interested in tackling educational inequality!
– You can get a reference for your resume

– We run weekly/fortnightly tutor squads with local high schools, which provides a unique opportunity to work with marginalised communities
– We provide mentor training, including cultural sensitivity training during the first half of the year
– IMAGI-NATION {Factory} Day – This usually runs at the end of the school year and involves us inviting all the high school students from Sydney that we work with to USYD for a day of fun activities

– We have an office located in the Wentworth building at USYD, so we are hoping to run social events there when it’s safe to do so!
– You will meet a group of mentors who you will work with at local high schools on a weekly or fortnightly basis
– We are connected with the AIME society’s in other universities (such as UOW) so there is a potential to meet uni students from places other than USYD. Through mentoring, you may also meet some AIME staff and corporate volunteers.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
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