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Association of Malaysian Students

Having trouble finding friends and fitting into a new environment? Miss those moments eating Nasi Lemak at your local mamak? Interested in experiencing what is it like to be a Malaysian?

SUAMS welcomes members of all different nationalities and draws interest from the broader Sydney community through our active promotion of Malaysian culture. Being able to “share the Malaysian love” via social and cultural platforms is a great privilege, so do join us in building a strong cultural conversation between all walks of life.

Throughout the year, we will hold events, often with our counterparts in other NSW universities, that cater to food-lovers, career-minded students, social butterflies, and sports enthusiasts.

It is our hope that in 2022 we can provide a pretty cool university experience through a broad range of activities and therefore create a communal sense of belonging within our worldwide community of Malaysian students.

By joining SUAMS, you’ll be part of the wider Malaysian community across NSW and have countless opportunities to get to know other interesting people!

Mamak Night – HUGE annual foodie event!
Social activities – party nights with your mates!
Weekly sports: badminton, rock-climbing and futsal.
Free food giveaways!

SUAMS has its own Discord for members to hang out ONLINE, where we talk about gaming, studying, and random bits of life!

Association of Malaysian Students
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Membership tiers:
Standard: Free
Ordinary Membership: $5
Associate Membership: $10