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AIESEC in Sydney

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization that aims to enable young people to develop their leadership skills through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Present in over 120+ countries and having established roots in 14 Australian Universities including USYD, UNSW, MQ and UTS, AIESEC is a platform for youth to develop and nurture their skills with like-minded people and mentors. Affiliated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, AIESEC aims to empower youth to become the leaders of tomorrow, facilitated by the numerous leadership programs we offer.

One of our current programs is AIESEC Experience, a semester-long program that includes events ranging from career orientated business forums and networking nights to help student’s future job prospects, to personal development workshops where we seek to assist students in developing themselves personally and professionally through value driven activities and spaces.

Also running this semester is our Heading to the Future program, a 2 week immersive workshop where students participate in soft skill and hard skills workshops facilitated by AIESEC as well as a professional industry partner. Earlier, during the Summer Break, our Heading for the Future program partnered with Warren Smith Consulting Engineers, and our industry focus on the Engineering Industry extends to this coming semester.

In our AIESEC Experience program you get to participate in our many forums, including the Youth to Business Forum, where partnered speakers engage with a relevant business topic of today’s generation and also network with our participants for internship opportunities and outreach, and our also our Youth Speak Forum, where speakers engage with highly relevant topics regarding the challenges of today’s youth.

Also in the AIESEC Experience is our semester long workshops based on personal and professional development, which aims to help nurture students to their fullest potential and empower them to make a tangible impact on society.

We have our end of semester event, our career based Heading for the Future program, which brings in a keen industry partner who is looking to reach out to prospective students for more University interaction as well as employment and internship opportunities.

For both our AIESEC Experience and Heading for the Future event, we also have our end of program Gala Night, which includes catered food and venue, a photographer to capture the great memories, and the award presentations and ceremonies. It’s a fun night to dress up in your smartest suit and dresses to commemorate the hard work achieved throughout the programs.

In both AIESEC Experience and Heading for the Future, you will be placed into teams to get to know your fellow members. Within your teams, there are weekly catch ups and workspaces to hangout both for study and fun. Our AIESEC society also holds weekly social spaces, club meetings, and events where you can meet even more of the AIESEC community

AIESEC in Sydney
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