BoulderSoc is a fun social society who are passionate about bouldering and climbing. We welcome everyone (regardless of skill level) to join! You can join by meeting up at one of our events, where we will give you a membership card to enjoy all of the following perks with! + 15% off ALL Ptrchr merchandise + 10% off at Climbing Anchors + Exclusive entry into club nights hosted by Climbing Anchors + $13.50 entry on Fridays ALL DAY at Nomad Bouldering + $11 entry on Monday & Friday at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym (St Peter's) + $15 climbing every day at ClimbOz + $10 climbing at ClimbOz on weekdays between 3pm - 530pm (includes ENTRY, HARNESS and SHOE HIRE) + $9 climbing & bouldering at The Ledge at ALL TIMES + $12 climbing/bouldering at the ledge - including shoe hire between 12-5pm + One-off discounts from Nomad & BlocHaus Canberra when you attend events with the society! + Snacks & freebies handed out at ALL our events! + Access to events held by us! (these events include Beginner’s Workshops, competitions, one-off party events and more!) + Free hire of our club bouldering mat!! On top of these perks, we hold two weekly social events and multiple other events throughout the semester - including road trips!