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Effective Altruism USyd is the University of Sydney chapter of Effective Altruism. We are passionate about having the most social impact we can over our lifetimes and we hold events for those who are curious and eager about doing that. We create a space for students to have constructively critical discussions about how best to use our careers, money and free time for the good of others. We look at what causes might be most effective to work in while still being personally rewarding; and whether giving to charity actually helps. Come along for some interesting speaker sessions, debates and friendly discussion over drinks. Newcomers are always welcome! We are very interested in collaborating with any society or organisation that is also interested in examining how to make the world a little bit better with their limited time, money and resources. More about Effective Altruism: https://whatiseffectivealtruism.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtWINl3C_7s