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Are you a Muslim student and want to make the most of your uni life? Want to be supported by a family of Muslims on campus? Already feeling the endless lectures sucking the life out of you? Well, sigh no longer and check out what SUMSA has got in stock for you! For decades SUMSA has been fulfilling the academic, social and spiritual experience of Muslims on campus. We guarantee: - Regular BBQs & Social gatherings - Charity fundraisers - Loads of Islamic workshops, classes & debates - Islamic academic circles & lectures - Sport events (to get you off your desk every once a while!) - AND the famous Islamic Awareness Week At SUMSA, we really, really value brother/sisterhood, and our cosey prayer room (musallah) is the epitome of that - the place to hangout, pray, study, eat or even sleep. Whether you’re a struggling international student trying to get around, or an anxious first year student, or one who has forever been lurking the university grounds, unnoticed - we welcome YOU. Join us, be part of a family that would definitely open your eyes to the fun, fruitful and life-changing side of university.