Admission Price

Club : Photographic Society
DATE: 11 Oct 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location : ABS Seminar Room 2210

It's time to elect a new executive to lead Photosoc in 2020! Please note that you must be able to maintain your elected Executive role from end of 2019 to end of 2020.
ALL executive positions are open. If you cannot be there, you may nominate by proxy to represent you. Nominations are now open and will close on Friday 11 October 2019 at 11:00AM.
You will be required to make a short 1-2 min speech on the day and voting will take place at ABS 2210 4pm on Friday, 11 October.
Candidates must submit nominations by filling in this form:

1. Opening and welcome

2. Apologies and leaves of absence

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

4. Business arising from the minutes

5. Correspondence

6. Motions on notice

7. Reports of Executive Members

8. Election of executive
8.1 President
8.2 Vice President
8.3 Secretary
8.3 Treasurer
8.4 Sponsorship
8.5 Publicity and Promotions
8.6 Darkroom Manager (x2)
8.7 Technical Advisor (x2)
8.8 IT Manager
8.9 General Executive (x5)

9. General Business

10. Date of the next meeting

11. Close of meeting