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Top 5 Spots on Campus During Jacaranda Season

Jacaranda season is here and we're pretty damn excited to see the beloved purple blossoms cover campus. This once a year show of purple snow is an iconic rite of passage intoundefineduni lifeundefinedat USYD, so to help you find the perfect purple bloom we've located the top 5 spots across Camperdown campus. If you manage to capture any *chef kiss shots of the jacarandas at USYD, be sure to tag us on Instagram

1. Anderson Stuart Building

Just before you head down Manning Road, next to the Anderson Stuart Building there's two massive jacaranda trees on either side of the entrance - the perfect symmetrical shot. These are a personal favourite as you can get a bit of the Quad-styled architecture in the background while still capturing the beautiful purple flowers.

2. Physics Road a.k.a. Jacaranda Road

A whole road of jacarandas? It sounds almost too good to be true, but Physics Road really delivers during jacaranda season. With reduced foot traffic, this is your chance to have a complete photoshoot amongst the line-up of purple bloom. Just make sure if you're going to do a photoshoot standing in the middle of the road, you've got a spotter in case a rogue car comes your way.

3. Manning House

Located right next to the rainbow steps leading into Manning House (you seriously can't miss them), there's a big old jacaranda tree for the ultimate spot of colour on campus. Grab a seat on the grass across from Manning and you've got the perfect study spot with a view.

4. Carillon Avenue

If you’re keen for a mid-day stroll in between classes, head to Carillon Avenue, located next to St Andrews Oval and the Village accommodation for a road lined by the beautiful jacarandas. By late November they become a purple sludge on the footpath, so be sure to get in quick to see these beauties blooming.

5. The Good-Old Quad Jacaranda

Look we’re also still mourning the loss of the iconic Quad jacaranda in 2016 to that one fateful storm. But if you’re in the mood to be nostalgic and see the baby jacaranda and its Flame Tree friend (also still a baby tree), head to the Quad and get some photos before it’s all grown up!