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What can I volunteer for?

In the VTeam, you can participate in a number of volunteering opportunities across USU events and activities throughout the year. You can pick and choose what you'd like to volunteer for based on your own availability and schedule!

  • Festivals and parties - Some of our biggest events of the year including Welcome Fest, Someday Soon Music Festival and parties at Manning House
  • Games and excursions – Including our popular Campus Race competition and regular Day Trips to highlight locations around Sydney 
  • Campus Tours – Lead a tour to welcome new students and provide a warm introduce to campus life 
  • Food Truck and Coffee Van - Assist our iconic USU Food Truck and Coffee Van, serving delicious breakfast and lunches throughout the year 
  • Packing Days - Including sandwich packing for disadvantaged schools, birthing kit packing for mothers in third-world countries, and boxes for people experiencing homelessness