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Sponsorship Agreements

USU is aware that clubs engage with sponsors for financial and tangible reasons. To ensure you're not committing to something you are unable to maintain, we advise all clubs submit their sponsorship agreements to USU Clubs team for approval before signing/partnering with a sponsor. 

- Clubs may not display banners or signs on behalf of sponsors, however; they may be listed on a club banner. 

- All sponsor agreements must be reviewed and approved by the Clubs Team no later than one week prior to the event. Any unapproved sponsor material will be removed from the site.

- The only things that can be sold from your stall are club memberships and club merchandise. Only professionally wrapped food may be distributed and must be approved no later than one week prior to the event. No fresh food or baked goods are allowed.

- Individuals from external organisations should directly contact the USU to be at Welcome Fest.

- The USU reserves the right to remove any sponsored material from the Welcome Fest site at their own discretion.