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Room Bookings T&C's


  1. Clubs must be registered within the C&S Program to retain room bookings.
  2. Executives may book C&S rooms free of charge on weekdays for a maximum of 2 hours per day (per club, not per room)
  3. The 2-hour limit may be extended by request to the C&S Office
  4. Rooms booked outside of the normal building open hours may be permitted with special permission from the C&S Office but will incur a staffing charge and must be booked 2 weeks in advance.
  5. Clubs may not BYO alcohol to any C&S rooms.
  6. C&S Rooms are booked free of charge but come as they are; we do not offer setup or equipment. The furniture displayed on the room floor plan should be in place, but we cannot guarantee the furniture will be available at the time of your booking or positioned as per the floor plan.
  7. Furniture must be returned to a neat and reasonable layout at the end of each booking. 
  8. At the conclusion of your room booking, rooms must be clean and tidy. All rubbish must be removed, and dirty surfaces wiped where food or drinks have been consumed. The organiser will be held responsible for any damages and/or cleaning required and will be charged a cleaning fee.
  9. Any damage or mess discovered in the rooms should be reported immediately to the C&S Office.
  10. Only approved clubs may use the Elliott Miller Studio, and it must be used for performance/rehearsal purposes, not to conduct meetings.
  11. Clubs must adhere to all C&S Regulations, as well as USU and University of Sydney Policies and Guidelines at all times.