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Risk Assessments

Do I need to submit a risk assessment?

You are required to fill out a risk assessment if your event is considered high risk. Your event is automatically considered high risk if:

  • there will be more than 50 attendees
  • there will be alcohol at the event
  • the event is overnight
  • the event involves "high risk" activities eg surfing, rock climbing

The C&S team will determine if the event is high risk. The team may follow up with your society after it has submitted a pre-event form to ask for a risk assessment.

How do I fill out a risk assessment?

You can download a template for a risk assessment form from Clubsuite, or request one by emailing the clubs team. 

You must carefully consider all the activities that will be undertaken during the event (including travel to and from), and consider the risks that could occur from them.

The purpose of completing a risk assessment is to prepare your executive team to act quickly and efficiently if anything does go wrong, and so it is important to be thorough.

If you have any questions or feel you might require assistance, please reach out to the clubs team so we can help you!