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I'm in a Revue and I need help


Revues get a different pool of funding than other societies. Revue funding is dependant on their completing the requirements laid out by the Revues Coordiantor. Please get in touch with the clubs team if you would like to be put in touch with your Coordinator.

Performance & Rehearsal Spaces

Usually revues are held in the Seymour Centre, however this is not a requirement. Revues can use USU rooms to rehearse, however they may need to look at other spaces (such as booking through the University) to meet their needs. Revues also may have the option to book weekend rehearsals, depending on staff and space availability.


Revues only require 15 Ordinary Members to be registered. All other requirements are the same as other societies.

For requirements to qualify for the above, or clarification on anything, please contact the Revues Coordinator by emailing the C&S Office.