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I'm a Life Member. How do I update my details?

Prior to 2006, Life Membership was conferred to those who:

  1. Graduated from the University of Sydney
  2. Had paid 5 years of USU fees (either for 5 years of study, or by paying the difference once completing their studies)
  3. Completed a Life Membership application

Since 2006, Life Membership has only been conferred as an award via nomination and selection by the Awards Committee.

If you are a Life Member (i.e. fall into one of the above categories), you can reach out to us any time to update your details. You can do so by filling in our contact form.

Note: we no longer retain information such as postal addresses, so there is no need to update this. The Life Membership system, in line with our wider Membership database, is now entirely digital (so we also no longer produce items such as physical cards or badges).

If you'd like to update your details with the University regarding wider alumni activities (e.g., changing your SAM preferences), you can do so here.