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I want to appeal the outcome of a Clubs & Societies complaint

If you have received the outcome of a complaint from the USU and would like to appeal it, you can do so by submitting your appeal to [email protected] within 30 days of receiving the outcome.

Appeals can be made on the basis of:

  1. Alleged failure of due process, or
  2. Disagreement with the outcome of the complaint assessment.

Appeals are considered by a panel of three Heads of Department or Managers of USU who have not been previously involved with the matter. Appeals are considered based on written materials only, so ensure you include detail and supporting documentation.

Once a decision is made by USU, the person submitting the appeal will be provided with a written statement of the outcome of the appeal. It will include:

  • Reasons for the outcome, and
  • Steps to be taken if the appeal is upheld.

The outcome of the appeal is final. 

For detailed information, see USU Complaints Procedure (Student Groups).