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How do I start a new Club?

Thanks for your interest in wanting to start a new club! Unfortunately, the form is currently closed while the team work on enhancements to improve the overall experience for users. We will update this site as soon as the form is readily available. We appreciate your patience while we work on getting it ready to publish!


When the form is live and updated, the process will look like the below:

Once you're logged into the website, you'll see the 'Start a Club' option on the left side navigation. Click on this and it will take you to a form to fill out. 

Make sure to include the USU's Model Constitution in your application.

We'll review your application, and publish it on our website as a pending club - from there, you'll be able to collect at least twenty (20) signatures from interested potential members. 

All new applications are discussed and reviewed at the C&S Committee which involve USU Board Directors and USU Staff. This is where determinations on your application are made, if it is accepted, rejected or if we require further information from you.