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How do I redeem my Rewards benefits?

To redeem your Rewards benefits and discounts, you'll need to download the USU app. This acts as your digital 'membership card'. At USU outlets you're required to scan your app to redeem your benefits, and campus partners and tenants should accept a visual check of your app as proof of holding Rewards. 

Note: those who hold Rewards have a blue bar on their app. A yellow bar signifies that you are a free member (and therefore not entitled to Rewards benefits or discounts).

For any online purchases made via our website, your discount should be automatically applied once you've logged in.

Those with Australian mobile numbers receive an SMS when joining for the first time, along with instructions on how to download the app. If you did not receive an SMS, you can also find the app here on the App Store or Google Play.

If you do not currently own a smartphone, or are otherwise unable to download the app, please contact our team to find out more about current options available to you.

You can find out more about USU Rewards here.