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General Meetings (GM)

You must give formal notice of a General Meeting by posting your Agenda on the USU Website. For a regular GM, you

will need to give 7 days’ notice, but if you are voting on constitutional amendments or voting in a new executive you

must give 14 days’ notice.

After the GM, the secretary is required to submit the following documents through the Clubsuite Online Portal or by emailing us within 14 days of the meeting:

  • Minutes
  • Agenda
  • Attendance List
  • Executive List (if amended)
  • Membership List (if amended)

You may hold General Meetings (GMs) for any purpose allowed by your club’s constitution. In many cases, you will

need to hold a GM to fill a casual vacancy in your Executive, to make constitutional amendments, or to dismiss

members of the Executive. Your constitution will specify how many GMs you must hold per semester.