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Does the USU have a new app?

  • Yes, the USU is upgrading their app on Tuesday 26 September 2023
  • The new version will be compatible for all Android and Apple users and has enhanced features and design, plus better user experience with single sign on, Face ID and offline mode. 
  • It will still contain a barcode for scanning and showing at outlets to get the Rewards discount. 
  • At 3pm on Tuesday 26 September users will be logged out of their old app. The old version will no longer be available, and users will be prompted to update their apps by visiting the Apple App Store, Google Play or Android Store. 
  • If the user has automatic updates enabled on their phone, the app will update on its own and they will see the new version when they next open it.
  • If the user does not have automatic updates enabled, they will receive a prompt when they try to open the old app and will have to manually update it via their operating system’s app store. 
  • Download/update via App Store here
  • Download/update via Google Play here
  • If you are experiencing any issues using the new app, please delete it and re-install it.
  • If you continue to experience issues, please contact us or on 02 9563 6000, and our friendly team will be happy to provide support.