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Booking USU Rooms

C&S rooms in the Holme Building and Manning House, and sections of the International Student Lounge (ISL) in the Wentworth Building, can be booked by Executives of registered USU Clubs for events and activities free of charge. These rooms can be booked when submitting a New Event by selecting "USU Managed Venues" from the "Where will you be holding your event?" dropdown menu. 


C&S Room Booking Terms and Conditions:

  1. Clubs must be registered within the C&S Program to retain room bookings. 
  2. Executives may book C&S rooms free of charge on weekdays for a maximum of 2 hours per day (per club, not per room). 
  3. The 2-hour limit may be extended by email request to the C&S Office at [email protected]
  4. Rooms booked outside of normal building open hours may be permitted with special permission from the C&S Office but will incur a staffing charge and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. 
  5. Rooms are not available on public holidays or weekends. 
  6. Clubs may not BYO alcohol into any C&S rooms. 
  7. C&S rooms are booked free of charge but come as they are; we do not offer setup or equipment. 
  8. Furniture must be returned to a neat and reasonable layout at the end of each booking. 
  9. At the conclusion of your room booking, rooms must be clean and tidy. All rubbish must be removed, and dirty surfaces wiped where food or drinks have been consumed.
  10. The organiser will be held responsible for any damages and/or cleaning required and will be charged a cleaning fee. 
  11. Any damage or mess discovered in C&S rooms should be reported immediately to the C&S Office at [email protected]
  12. Only approved clubs may use the Elliott Miller Studio, and it must be used for performance/rehearsal purposes, not to conduct meetings. 
  13. Clubs must adhere to all C&S Regulations, as well as USU and University of Sydney Policies and Guidelines at all times.


Why can't I book this room?

  • Bookings are required to be made at least 2 days in advance. If you require a room under short notice, please give us a ring and we may be able to assist you. 
  • If you input an expected number of participants greater than the capacity of a room, that room will not appear as an option for you to book. 
  • If room does appear, but the timeslot you want is not available, someone else has booked it before you. 


Booking for more than two hours

Executives can request to extend a booking by contacting the Clubs Team. We may ask executives to wait until a week before the booking to make the extension, in order to ensure that all clubs have a fair chance of booking USU spaces.


Booking over the holidays

Bookings may still be available over semester breaks, although they may be at reduced hours. Executives should refer to the USU announcement page and Club Notices for specific information.

Individual Room Details

Holme Building
- Level 4

Bookable during semester between 8am and 9pm.

> Common Room

Capacity: 45

Wooden floors. Tables, stackable chairs, a piano, and sound dampening panels.

24 Chairs, 2 long wooden tables, 2 small semi-circular wheeled tables. 

> Reading Room

Capacity: 40

Carpeted floors. Tables, stackable chairs, a piano, and a whiteboard. 

- Basement

Bookable during semester between 9am and 9pm.

> Elliott Miller Studio (Previously the Den)

Capacity: 30

Spring loaded floor, wall mirrors. Air conditioner, speaker system, interfaceable TV, and a piano. 

For performance Clubs and Societies only. 

> Holme Meeting Room 1 (The Green Room)

Capacity: 20

Carpeted floor. Tables and stackable chairs. 

Manning House

Note: Bookable Areas at Manning may be unavailable due to Large Manning Bar Events. 

Note: Bookable Areas at Manning are available at different times depending on Floor and Accessibility.

- Outside

Bookable during semester between 8am and 8pm.*

> Manning Lawns

Capacity: 30

Outdoor Lawns east of Manning House.

> Manning Road 1

Capacity: 10

The footpath area at the turn in Manning Road, adjacent to the stairs exiting up from Manning Lawns. 

This is the only USU Bookable space where Bake Sales may be held. 

> Manning Road 2

Capacity: 4

Adjacent to Manning main entry bridge. 

Due to foot traffic, only suitable for small one-table stalls or spruiking.

*Bookings unavailable after 6pm.

> Manning Road 3

Capacity: 4

Adjacent to Manning Kiosk.

>Due to foot traffic, only suitable for spruiking.

*Bookings unavailable after 6pm.


- Ground Floor

Bookable during semester between 5pm and 9pm.

> Manning Social (Ground Floor)

Capacity: 50

Bookable during semester between 5pm and 9pm

Large Meeting/Socialising space at the Manning Food Court Area. 

- Level 1 (Bridge Entry Level)

Bookable during semester between 8am and 8pm.

> Manning Meeting Room 1

Capacity: 15

Carpeted floors with stackable chairs, conference tables, and a Zoom conference system. 

> Manning Meeting Room 2

Capacity: 15

Carpeted floors with stackable chairs, conference tables, and a Zoom conference system. 

- Level 2 (Top Floor)

Bookable during semester between 8am and 8pm.

> Isabel Fidler Room

Capacity: 30

Adjacent to Manning Bar. 

Wooden floors with stackable chairs, tables, stools, and a piano.

Wentworth Building
- Level 4 - The International Student Lounge (ISL)

Bookable during semester between 10am and 5pm.

Note: Bookable spaces in ISL are not separate rooms, but areas of the Lounge area. Furniture from unused or below capacity areas may be borrowed from their original space for use in other booked areas but must be returned after use or at the request of a club using the original space. 

> Timber Floors

Capacity: 100

The large wooden floor area except the Ticket Booth space. 

26 tables, 104 chairs (4 per table). 

> Ticket Booth area

Capacity: 10

A small part of the wooden floor area at the front of the Timber Floors, in front of the closed USU Reception. 

2 tables, 8 chairs (4 per table), and a Whiteboard. 

> IGLU Space

Capacity: 45

The carpeted floor area on the north side of the Timber Floors. 

Interfaceable Projector and Screen, 2 TVs interfaceable by HDMI cables, 4 couches, 24 short fabric chairs, 6 ottomans, and 6 beanbags.

> Pods/Microwave area

Capacity: 15

Carpeted floor area immediately on the west side of the Timber Floors. 

6 tall fabric pod chair/couches arranged around 3 short tables near the two microwaves. 

> Window area

Capacity: 50

Carpeted floor area along the west windows. 

34 chairs along the west windows, 14 short tables, 26 short stools, and 5 fabric seating spaces with 26 pentagon fabric stools. 

> Tall Tables

Capacity: 90

Carpeted floor between the Window area, Incubate, and the closed USU Reception. 

10 tall round tables with 30 tall stools (3 per table), and 6 tall rectangular tables with 60 tall chairs (10 per table). 

> Dance Space

Capacity: 20

Carpeted floors. Empty space at the back of the Tall Tables area next to Incubate.