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Banking - Changing bank accounts

Generally, all clubs bank with either NAB or CBA.

Most clubs have transferred their clubs to CBA, as NAB has closed their on campus branch.

This article will outline how to transfer accounts from NAB to CBA.

1.    Collect a ‘New Bank Account’ authorisation letter from C&S.

2.    Take the letter to Commonwealth Bank and open the new account.

3.    Download all your Club or Society’s bank statements from NAB for the last two years.

4.    Email the C&S Office the details of your new CBA account and your NAB bank statements for the last two years so we have a back-up record of them.

5.    Transfer the full balance from your NAB account to your new CBA account. Email a copy of bank statement/proof of balance from your CBA account. 

6.    Attend a NAB bank branch and close your account 

Please remember that clubs transitioning from NAB to CBA are required to submit two cashbooks at the end of your financial period. We recommend you complete the cashbook reflecting the transactions on your NAB account now and start a fresh cashbook for your new CBA account. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the C&S Office in person or via email or phone.