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Banking - Change of Signatories

Step 1 - Send through the meeting materials

You'll send through meeting minutes along with your other meeting documents to the Clubs Office. The minutes should include the section where you endorse your new signatories, and remove any outgoing signatories. In the email where you have sent through the documents, you will need to request your Bank Authorisation Letter.

Step 2 - Book an appointment with the Bank

If you'll be attending the CBA Campus branch (recommended), you can book an appointment through this number: 


Step 3 - Visiting our Office

Come by to our office to pick up your Change of Signatories letter. We can have them printed them out, so you can grab them whenever you are able, or you can print out the copies we send to you.

Step 4 - Documents

You no longer need your previous signatories to attend the meeting at the bank (yay!) but they will need to sign your meeting minutes where you were endorsed as signatories. The bank will only accept 'wet' signatures, which means the minutes will need to be printed out and physically signed.

Step 5 - Attending the Appointment

You'll bring your minutes (signed), Change of Signatories Letter, and 100 points of ID (as outlined in the change of signatories letter) to your appointment at the bank and they will be able to change over your signatories!

Please note this process occasionally changes. We do our best to communicate with the bank and update you when this happens. If you're having issues, let us know so we can help.