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Annual General Meetings

When - You are required to hold an AGM once a year, sometime in your AGM month. 

How - 

Step 1: Pick a meeting date, time and place

This date must be during your Club's AGM month or ASAP if that month has already passed.
It should be held from 9am-9pm someplace on campus or online.

Step 2: Advertise your meeting

Advertise your meeting on the USU website by submitting a pre-event form at least 2 weeks in advance. You must include a meeting agenda in the ‘event submission’ section of the form. It’s a good idea to also advertise your meeting on Facebook or other social media and in a member mail out. If you are making constitutional amendments, please also submit a constitutional amendment coversheet to us via email & include the amendments in your Agenda (templates for the Agenda and Constitutional Amendment Coversheet are available in Club Resource Library).

Step 3: Hold your meeting

Take accurate minutes at the meeting and record an attendance list with USU ID and names. Record names of movers and seconders for motions, election nominations, and the name of the returning officer for the election. Use our minutes template!

Step 4: Submit your meeting documents

Within 14 days of your meeting, upload the following documents to the USU by emailing us: 

  • Meeting minutes 
  • Attendance List 
  • Executive list
  • 3 events or activities that your club undertook to achieve its constitutional aims
  • Signed Clubs and Societies Agreement (Must be signed by 3 core executives)

All of the templates are available through the executive portal on the website (under Resources Library), or by emailing us.

If you cannot access the portal as you are unregistered, please email the documents to [email protected]