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Alumni Community

USU has been the heart of Uni Life for nearly 150 years, and for many students, USU represents some of their best memories of their time at University.

For 150 years, USU (University of Sydney Union) has fostered vibrant and meaningful university experiences at the University of Sydney. To honour our organisation’s rich legacy, we are launching a vibrant new USU Alumni program for those who are interested in reconnecting with the community.

We’re launching would love for you to join and learn about all the exciting events we have coming up.

To kick things off, we are planning an Alumni Evening of art, music, drinks and a keynote address at our incredible contemporary art space, Verge Gallery on Thursday, 15th June.

If you're interested, register your interest in this inaugural event, and join our newest community. We will be in touch in the coming weeks with further details and updates.

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