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USU has been the heart of Uni Life for nearly 150 years, and for many students, USU represents some of their best memories of their time at University.

For 150 years, USU (University of Sydney Union) has fostered vibrant and meaningful university experiences at the University of Sydney. To honour our organisation’s rich legacy, we are launching a vibrant new USU Alumni program for those who are interested in reconnecting with the community.

Interested in the history of the USU?

For any enquiries regarding the history of the USU, the USU's archives, or the '150 Years of USU' book project, please contact the Archivist and Managing Editor Marlow Hurst at [email protected].

The archives are currently accepting donations of suitable materials. Please contact the archivist if you have items you wish to donate.

Stay in touch with USU

We look forward to sharing upcoming alumni events and news as we approach our 150 year anniversary