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About Us

Starting out in 1874 as a humble society for student debaters, USU (University of Sydney Union) is Australia’s largest independent student-led organisation. Proudly not-for-profit, we provide a wide range of services, events, programs, facilities, and opportunities to help every student get the most out of their time at uni. 

As well as supporting over 200 student clubs, USU is responsible for providing lots of fun stuff outside of lectures and exams, including major festivals, parties, gigs, and loads of student-centric events. We’re the guys responsible for Welcome Fest, the Eastern Avenue Market, the famous USU food truck, and much more! We also have a great volunteering program, as well as leadership and paid job opportunities. On top of that, we provide fresh affordable food, great coffee and authentic USYD merch through our cafes and stores across campus and online. Being not-for-profit, all income we receive is reinvested back into the USYD community to ensure we continue to provide world-leading events and services for current and future members. 

Our Vision

To be the number one student union in the world.

Our Mission

To ensure every student’s experience at USYD is the best it can be by being 100% student centric, focusing on organisational sustainability and building a culture of collaboration and respect. 

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