The USU is committed to a sustainable future for our campus community and has made commitments ensuring sustainability is embedded into everything we provide – from our events and cafés to our student programs and facilities.

Here is a list of what we are doing so far:

  • Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance Fairtrade supplied by Vittoria Coffee and $1 from every bag sold goes directly to Oz Harvest
  • We are working towards a full ban of balloons at Festivals
  • We have eliminated plastic straws in our bars and outlets and now using #iamnotplastic straws on request
  • We have eliminated 80% of plastic bottle waste in our outlets where we now use The Juggler milk tap system
  • We use Biotrem compostable tableware exclusively via our USU eats Food Truck
  • We offer a discount of 50 cents when you BYO a bowl at Courtyard, Abercrombie, Carslaw and Laneway
  • USU Rewards members get 35 cents when they BYO a cup or mug
  • We have a mug wall at Courtyard where customers may borrow a reusable cup
  • We provide a container deposit scheme in 4 key buildings to capture bottles and cans
  • We have introduced a coffee ground reuse program at our outlets
  • We have installed a Farmwall micro-green wall at Courtyard
  • We have partnered with Bring Me Home to provide a comprehensive Food Rescue program
  • We have partnered with Planet Ecologica to transition all paper-based products to industry first IAMNOTPAPER products
  • We offer USYD Frank Green reusable cups and UNTRASHY reusable straws at an affordable price
  • We support and donate to Oz Harvest
  • We are working to phase out most single use plastics including PET cups, containers and cutlery
  • Our bread is supplied by the Bread and Butter Project, Australia’s first social enterprise bakery
  • We have committed to City of Sydney’s Zero Waste Sydney Single Use Plastic Pledge
  • We have committed to City of Sydney’s Love Food Sydney project


In our effort to become more sustainable we have partnered with companies who share similar social, environment and ecological goals:

  • Vittoria Coffee
  • Farmwall 
  • The Bread and Butter Project 
  • Kellogg’s 
  • IKEA 
  • Planet Ecologica 
  • Biotrem
  • Six Simple Machines 
  • Oz Harvest 
  • Bring Me Home 
  • Untrashy 
  • Frank Green 
  • Citizen Blue

If you have an idea or would like to help us with our mission to make USYD the most sustainable campus in Australia, contact us at:
For expression of interest in relation to corporate partnerships at our USU Sustainability Week 2020, please email:
Follow us #ususustainability @usuaccess @usueats

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