OUR BOARD of directors

Our Board

The Board of Directors is composed of 14 Directors, including 11 student Directors elected at the Annual Elections each year, two Senate-appointed Directors and the Immediate Past President.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are where the operational and strategic business of the USU is discussed. At each meeting, there is an agenda item called ‘Open Question Time’, which is an opportunity for USU Members to bring issues to the attention of the President and Board of Directors. All USU Members are welcome to attend and observe these meetings.

Announcements and statements from the President:
• The USU has appointed Andrew Mills to the position of CEO
USU update media release: COVID-19 (28 July, 2020)

USU update media release: COVID-19 (6 May, 2020)
• The Affiliation Agreement between USYD and the USU

Board Meeting Dates 2021
In accordance with article 11.2(b) of the Constitution, the Board of Directors has determined the following ordinary meeting dates in 2022.
There are also special meetings of the Board of Directors that are conducted in accordance with the Constitution and Regulations.
All meetings will be hosted from an in-person location at a USU building at the Camperdown/Darlington campus. Some Board Directors join the meeting via audio-visual link online.
All USU members can connect to Board of Directors meetings either in-person or online via audio-visual link. 

Register of Directors’ Interest
All actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest must be declared. A register is kept and updated by the Board Secretary at all times.

The Board of Directors is transparent to our staff and members. Here’s what the Board has done in 2020 to be transparent and open:
  • The recommendations in reports are now publicly published in minutes
  • Meetings have been conducted online via Zoom, making them more accessible to all members of the USU (to join them, email the Board Secretary)
  • Student media are automatically invited to all ordinary and special Board meetings
  • The text of all in camera motions are published publicly
  • The Board has changed its agenda so that Confidential Business goes last
  • The reasons for going in camera are announced publicly at each meeting
  • Executive reports and motions on notice will be published online
  • The Board agreed to review its In Camera Policy

Prudence Wilkins-Wheat - President

Positions held: Chair Awards Committee, Chair Electoral Committee, Chair Executive Committee, Deputy Chair P&C Committee, Member C&S Committee, Member Debates Committee, Member Finance Committee, Member Governance Committee, Member WHS Committee.

Ruby Lotz - Vice President

Positions held: Member Awards Committee, Member C&S Committee, Member C&S Awards Selection Panel, Member Debates Committee, Member Awards Committee, Member Executive Committee, Member P&C Committee.

Benjamin Hines - Honorary Treasurer

Positions held: Chair of the Governance Committee, Chair of the Debates Committee, Member Executive Committee, Member Finance Committee, Member P&C Committee.

Belinda Thomas - Honorary Secretary

Positions held: Chair C&S Committee, Deputy Chair Electoral Committee, Member Executive Committee, Director of Student Publications, Member C&S Selection Panel.

Nicholas Comino - Board Director

Positions held: Queer Portfolio Holder, Member Electoral Committee, Director of Student Publications.

Du Du - Board Director

Positions held: International Student Portfolio Holder.

Telita Goile - Board Director

Positions held: Member P&C Committee and Wom*ns Portfolio Holder. 

Isla Mowbray - Board Director

Positions held: Member Awards Committee, Environment Portfolio Holder, Director of Student Publications and Disabilities Portfolio Holder.

Kailin (Vikki) Qin - Board Director


Cole Scott-Curwood - Board Director

Positions held: Member C&S Committee.

David Zhu - Board Director

Positions held: Member Governance Committee, Enthocultural Portfolio Holder, Deputy Chair Finance Committee.

David Wright - Senate Appointed Director

Other Positions:  Member, Remuneration Committee.

Marie Leech - Senate Appointed Director

Other Positions: Member, Remuneration Committee.

Irene Ma - Immediate Past President

Positions held: Member Electoral Committee, Member P&C Committee.

The President's consultation hours are between Tuesday 1pm to 4pm, Wednesday 4pm to 5pm and Friday 10am to 2pm in the President’s Office or online via Zoom

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Level 5, Holme Building, Science Rd, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006
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