About the app

What does the app do?
The USU app offers:

  • Proof of USU membership
  • Exclusive Member or Rewards offers
  • Event calendar 
  • Gift Vouchers 
Why has the USU made the shift from plastic to digital?
The app offers a lot more than the plastic card like additional special offers. The USU is also making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment as we would previously print 20,000 plastic cards every year.

Lost cards are a thing of the past, as with the digital card there are no replacement fees and the app offers the ability to log in to a new device if you change phones.

The digital card also helps us keep our costs down (by reducing the need for specialised printers and maintenance and administrative costs associated with printing plastic cards). By reducing our costs, we are able to reinvest the savings into providing better student programs, events and experiences. 

Can I still get a plastic card?
Plastic cards will be available to people who are unable to download the app. 
If you are unable to download the app for any reason, you can get a plastic card, but will need to visit us in person.

How much does it cost?
The app is FREE to download. Normal data usage costs apply.

Can I still use the App without my mobile data or Wi-Fi?
The app is FREE to download. Normal data usage costs apply.

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Technical requirements

What type of devices is it available on?
Currently the app is only available for iPhone and Android as these are the 2 biggest operating systems in use in Australia and the most popular operating systems on campus. There are plans to release a Windows version. In the meantime, members who do not have an iPhone or Android phone can still use the plastic  card, and log onto for other information relating to discounts and events. 

How do I download the app?
If you have an Android phone go to Google Play, or if you have an iPhone go to the App Store, and search for ‘University of Sydney Union’ or ‘USU’. Note: if your phone is an international model, please make sure your app store is set to Australia to be able to find the app.  

Get it on Google Play

Download it on the App Store

I didn’t receive an SMS when I joined up, can I still download the app?
You do not need the SMS to download the app. You can still download the app by searching it in the App Store or Google Play, or going to the links here:

How big is the app?
Just over 31MB for iOS version and just over 35MB for the Android version. 

Why can’t I download the app?
The app is only available on iOS and Android. 

The iOS version requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

Android version requirements are minSdkVersion  -  11  targetSdkVersion -  23

My app keeps crashing for some reason. What should I do?
We have tested the app for crashes on several systems however there are numerous combinations of phone devices and operating systems, and it may be that a particular combination of these is causing the app to crash.
In order to help us fix the problem for you and others who might be experiencing the same issue, please provide us with details of what phone model and operating system version you are using. E.g. iPhone6 iOS 10.1 or Google Nexus 6P 6.0.1 and so on. Also, please let us know what you were doing when the app crashed along with any screenshots with error messages to help us find the issue.
While we rectify the issue, please come and visit us at the USU Info Hubs located on  Level 1 Manning House or International Student Lounge (Level 4 Wentworth) so we can provide you with an alternative card that you can use in the meantime.

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Logging in and personal information

How do I login?
If you are an existing member, you will need to enter your  member number and mobile number. If you are having trouble finding your member number, contact us.

If you are not a member, you will need to enter your name, email, date of birth (you must be over 15 years of age), and mobile number. Remember, non members cannot access all features and benefits. To become a member, you can join here.

I’m getting an error message when I’m trying to login – what can I do?
If your error message says that we don’t have your phone number in our database, you can update your details and try again. For all other errors, contact us.

How do I update my personal details?
You can update your email address or phone number here.

I’ve changed phones, can I still use the app?
Yes, you will just need to download the app again, and log in as normal. If there are any issues, please contact us.

What do you do with my information?
The USU stores your information in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and National Principles. We may use your information for our own planning, research, marketing and product and service development. You have the right to view and correct or update your personal information by contacting us or updating your details here.
By using the app, you consent to provide the USU with your mobile phone number and email address which may be used for marketing purposes, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

What type of push notifications will I receive?
Members can choose to receive notifications from the app which include announcements, offers, and special deals. We will endeavour to limit these to a reasonable number and not spam users. You can unsubscribe from push notifications at any time by going to your phone settings.

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The digital card 

How do I scan the digital card?
Your digital member card on the homescreen of the app can be scanned at any USU outlet which has a customer facing scanner. Please wait for staff to tell you when to scan it to avoid disrupting the transaction and making it as quick as possible.

Can I still use my plastic card?
Yes, under circumstances described above you can use either the digital card on the app or the plastic card.

Why is my free coffee voucher not available on my app?
Coffee vouchers cannot be transferred between the app and card. If you buy 6 coffees at a USU outlet on your app, the 7th free coffee voucher will be added to the app. If you buy 6 coffees on your card, the 7th free coffee voucher will be added to the card.

How do I know if I have a free coffee voucher?
You can scan your app at any USU outlet and check with staff to see if you have a free coffee voucher. There is currently no way for the user to see it in the app, but this is feature that we will consider for a future release of the app.

Where is my voucher?
Reward vouchers will be automatically uploaded to the app instead of the card unless you specify otherwise. Contact the USU Info Hubs if you would like to have a reward voucher uploaded to your card instead.

How do I use my card at partner stores?
The digital USu app should be shown at partner stores, just like the physical card is shown. Our partners do not have the same scanning technology as us, so you will be unable to scan it there. Show the staff your card, and if they request, you can tap on your photo to enlarge it.

My photo on the digital card is incorrect what do I do? 
If you have taken a selfie that doesn’t look like you, or your face is unclear, contact us so that staff can reset it.

Why has my discount been refused at an outlet?
Your membership may be refused if the photo is not clearly of you, if you are suspected of using the card fraudulently or if your membership has expired. Contact us for more information.