Student Board Elections

Student board directors are currently enrolled students at the University of Sydney and USU members who want to make a difference. 


Collectively, student board directors are responsible for governing the USU, developing and reviewing policies, improving programs, events and services, creating new spaces and managing the USU’s finances. 

Our student Board is made up of 14 directors: 11 who are current students and USU members elected by their peers, 2 who are appointed by the University Senate, and the Immediate Past President of the Board.

Board Directors are elected in May each year, and serve a 2-year term, with roughly half the board ending their terms each year (5 in even numbered years, 6 in odd numbered years).

Eastern Avenue and other parts of the University become a flurry of colour and campaigning as prospective Board candidates promote their ideas and policies to improve student life. 

View the 2019 Board Candidates.

Mon 25 March 10am Nominations open Online 
Mon 25 March 1pm Election Information Session Manning Meeting Room 1
Mon 25 March 1:30pm Women's Mentoring Session Manning Meeting Room 1
Mon 8 April 2pm Nominations close USU Info Hubs 
Thurs 11 April 4pm Compulsory Candidate Ethics Training Manning Meeting Room 1
Sat 4 May 12:01am Social media campaigning can begin  See regulations for rules
Mon 6 May N/A
Physical campaigning can begin
See regulations for rules
Wed 8 May 12:45 Election Soapbox Manning Bar
Mon 13 May  10am-4pm Pre-polling/ Absentee voting opens USU Info Hubs
Tues 14 May 11am-3pm  SCA/ CON/ Mallet St Voting Day Info Hubs/SCA/CON/Mallet St 
4pm  Pre Polling / absentee  voting closes USU Info Hubs
Wed 15 May 7:30am   ELECTION DAY!     All over campus
6:30pm    Election Night Party        Manning Bar        

Offical Election Notice 2019
Regulations and Duty of Statement

Candidate Handbook 2019
Statutory Declaration 2019‚Äč
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