Palladian Cup

The intercollegiate arts competition, Palladian Cup, is an integral part of the University of Sydney's long and rich arts history. Providing residents of St. Andrew's, St. Paul's, Sancta Sophia, St. John's, Wesley and The Women's Colleges with opportunities to represent their college in various arts competitions. 

All Palladian Cup events are managed by the USU Programs team.
All performer enquiries in the first instance should be directed to the individual college's Palladian Cup representative. 

Palladian Cup Dates 
Event  Date  Venue Booked 
Solo Instrumental  8th March, 7.30pm  Refectory, Holme Building 
Solo Vocal  22nd March, 7.30pm Refectory, Holme Building 
Oration  5th April, 7.30pm Refectory, Holme Building 
Dance  5th May, 7.30pm Seymour Centre
Solo Drama  19th May, 7.30pm Manning Bar
Debating  6th, 7th & 9th August, 9.30am  College Venues 
Vocal Ensemble  23rd August, 7.30pm  Refectory, Holme Building 
Art  1st September, 7.30pm Holme Building 
Ensemble Instrumental  15th September, 7.30pm  Refectory, Holme Building 
Drama Ensemble 11th October, 7.30pm  Top Level, Manning Bar,
Manning House, Manning Rd
Palladian Dinner  20th October, 7.30pm TBC 
Results Table 
 College  Solo Instrumental   Solo Vocal   Oration   Dance  Solo   Drama   Debating  Vocal Ensemble   Art  Instrumental Ensemble   Drama Ensemble   Total Points 
St Andrew’s College   2 3 0 1 2           8
St John’s College  0 0 3   1           4
St Paul’s College   0 0 1               1
Sancta Sophia  0 1 0 5             6
The Women’s College   1 0 0   3          
Wesley College  3 2 2                7