Struggling to pass that Spanish assignment? Want to brush up on your Japanese? Finally ready to give Mandarin a go? Apply to the USU’s popular Language Exchange Program to swap languages and meet people of different cultural backgrounds. It’s fun, flexible and FREE, so making multilingual friends has never been easier!
"This is exactly the activity I have been looking for. I'm really excited to meet more friends who are also fans of languages." 
"Thanks for giving me this opportunity to know more about other cultures." 
If you have any questions, please contact
How does Language Exchange work?
In Language Exchange, we attempt to pair you with a buddy who is a native speaker of a language of your choice and/or who wants to learn a language that you are a native speaker of. 
Once we’ve found you a match, we’ll provide more details to get you started. From there, you and your buddy can contact each other to arrange sessions in a way that suits both. You’re welcome to bring along your own language-learning resources, but please know there are no compulsory formal classes, materials or homework involved in this program!
How does language matching work?
Our Language Exchange system assigns buddies considering all your native languages and language preferences, in order, as well as whether you have said you are happy to learn anything. 
Who can join Language Exchange?
This program is open to both domestic and international students, and all USU Members.