Debating Regulations and Committee

The USU Debating Society is governed by a set of rules and regulations to ensure the fair operation of the Society.  These regulations govern everything from our affirmative action policies to the rules about who can trial for tournaments to the function of the Debates Committee.

The Points System

One particularly important aspect of the regulations is the Points System. This system determines whether people are eligible to trial and receive funding for international tournaments. You can read about the operation of the Points System here

And you can check your own points here at any time. 
Here are the USU Debating Society Rules and Regulations (updated May, 2021).

Debates Committee
The Debates Committee is a body of twelve students who each look after specific portfolios and work together to coordinate the activities of the society. At the end of each year, new members of the Committee are selected by the Union and all members of the society are encouraged to apply.
The Committee holds monthly meetings where matters of the society are discussed. 

Meetings are held in the Reading Room, Holme Building from 6-8pm (noting exceptions) and members of the society are always welcome to attend and contribute to discussion.

Debating minutes can be made available by emailing