The USU Debating Society runs four Schools Days throughout the year to encourage participation and excellence in debating amongst high school debaters. We also advertise debating coaching jobs via our mailing list so sign up to stay updated.

Coaching Jobs
Many of our members work as casual and part-time debating and public speaking coaches at schools around Sydney.

If you would like to advertise a debating or public speaking coaching position, please email the Director of Debates at debatesdirector@usu.edu.au with details.

Schools Days
Our Schools Days are an exceptional opportunity to expose students to opportunities available at university and to receive feedback from some of the most qualified debaters and adjudicators in Australia. Many of the USU’s debaters have been the Chief Adjudicators of debating tournaments in Sydney and have also coached high school representative teams. All of our Schools Days are hosted at the Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney, and usually occur on Fridays. 

At most of our school days, students will watch a demonstration debate and adjudication, and then participate in seminars during the day. 

In addition, we offer the opportunity for staff members, teachers and coaches to build their own debating skills and the skills required to bring out the best in their students during the day. Our teachers’ program has been put together and is usually presented by some of the most esteemed coaches and adjudicators in Australia.

Schools’ Seminar Day
For students in years 7-12.
The Schools’ Seminar Day is designed to orientate new participants to the often-daunting world of debating and to refine the skills of returning debaters. The day is intended to cater for students of all age groups and skill levels, and designed to kick start students’ debating year.

Women’s Schools’ Tournament Day
For female-identifying students in years 7-12.

This tournament is aimed at female-identifying high school students to give them an extra opportunity to practice debating and to receive feedback from some of the best adjudicators in the country. Women are often at a disadvantage as there are fewer opportunities for girls to debate in high school, which quickly becomes apparent when far fewer girls than boys go on to debate at University. The USU is committed to supporting and promoting women in leadership roles, and providing the opportunity for women of all ages to develop leadership skills through debating.

Schools’ Senior Tournament Day
For students in years 9-12.
At the Schools’ Senior Tournament Day, students will speak in three rounds of competitive debates and then receive feedback from our highly experienced adjudicators. This tournament day is an excellent mid-year opportunity for students to identify areas for improvement.

Schools’ Junior Tournament Day
For students in years 7-9.
Introducing junior students to the fundamentals of debating and then getting them to actually use those fundamentals in their speeches can be one of the greatest challenges for debating coaches. With our highly experienced adjudicators providing detailed feedback to each student after every debate, this tournament day is a great opportunity for students to develop their debating skills on a Friday at the end of the year.

If you would like to register for a Schools Day or want more information about any of the days, please email debatesdirector@usu.edu.au